Flat UI Pro Tutorial: How To Use LESS in the Creation of a Custom Mailbox

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How To Use LESS and HTML to Create a Custom Mailbox

David East is back with another great video tutorial using components from Designmodo’s Flat UI Pro. In this video, he takes you step-by-step through the process of using LESS and HTML to create a custom mailbox section of a mail application.

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In this video tutorial, you use components from Flat UI Pro and the steps from the previous videos in the Flat UI Tutorial series to use LESS to create simple forms, including sign-ins with a social network or email. In this video, you learn more about the creation of a custom mailbox and creating styles for the look of mail items.

The steps in the tutorial make it easy to set up settings from title menus to the look of mailbox features. In addition, the tutorial shows how to make simple design changes right from the browser so you can see the look of your app as you create it.

The tutorial is easy to follow if you have basic web design and coding knowledge.

Create a Custom Mailbox

What you will learn in this tutorial: Create a custom mailbox section for a mail application using LESS, HTML and styles from Flat UI Pro.

Video run time: 10 minutes

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