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How to use Bootstrap Templates

Our Bootstrap templates are created using the Startup App. You can edit and save templates online. Startup App is one of the best online Bootstrap template generators, and it’s used by thousands of companies and freelancers. It is no secret that free Bootstrap themes and templates are the first choice when it comes to creating a website. There are several reasons for that.


Most web developers are used to the boilerplate. It has been with us for a long time and feels so familiar that it seems risky to switch to an unknown option. Plus, it’s always updated and supported by a big community.


It has proven and valid coding. It is a time-tested tool that provides a solid foundation for building websites with a robust structure and responsive template behavior.


It lets you build any website you want - literally, any website. It is flexible and rich in features, so whether you’re creating a blog, fancy personal portfolio or advanced admin dashboard, it has it all.


The continually expanding market gives people freedom of choice. It can solve various issues by providing the right solution. Using a generated Bootstrap template, you can build a website in no time.

The Best Place to Download Free Bootstrap Templates

It’s important to download Bootstrap templates from trusted providers. Templates have to be updated frequently and the design should be current. Templates aren’t a quick fix to a problem if you must mend them all the time. A solid template provides the right solution where you can safely build your project.

To prove these points in practice, we have compiled a collection of free Bootstrap themes and templates that are efficient, have modern designs, excellent functionality, mobile-friendliness, and dynamic features. That’s why we offer free and paid, premium Bootstrap templates, each with the possibility to edit and save online. You can return to your project at any time and continue working, without having losing progress.

Support and Updates

Good-looking, free Bootstrap themes and templates are for “everyday” use. They have high-quality designs and essential features.

However, premium solutions are often a better choice. For example, free themes don’t offer the same level of user support, while with premium Bootstrap templates, you have a team of professionals ready to solve any issues you may encounter.

Also, paid templates are regularly updated to ensure that you have the most relevant and error-proof version.

Before making a final decision, weigh the pros and cons, since free and premium themes and templates have advantages.

Remember, you can download these Bootstrap templates directly from Startup App.

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