How to Create a Shopping Cart UI Using CSS & JavaScript

CSS: Great, now let’s make our Shopping Cart to be 750×423 and style it to look nice. Notice that we are using flexbox, so we set it to display flex and make the flex direction column, because by default the …

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Palm is coming back. Again. Is anybody feeling déjà vu? Last August, a TCL executive said the company was planning to launch a Palm phone this year. TCL, if you recall, makes Alcatel phones, and is also the main companies trying to revive the BlackBerry name through a licensing deal.

After Launching Firefox 59, Mozilla Pushes Firefox 60 to Developers

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Scroll Activated Animations – New Trend in Web Design

As befits each component piece of any website, an animation also undergoes changes and is subject to trends, even being a more complimentary and optional element. Each year animation is gaining more influential and domination position; web developers carry out …

10 Tips for Designing with Type on a Photo

10 Tips for Designing with Type on a Photo

One of the best techniques to have in your toolkit is designing with type on and around images. But it can also be one of the toughest concepts to pull off successfully. You have to have the right photo, a …

Coming and Going Web Design Trends for 2014

Coming and Going Web Design Trends for 2014

Over the last couple of years we saw such a change in web design that it is unbelievable to anticipate what could possibly the next hot things. However, I have a few hunches of my own as to what trends …

Making for a Delightful User Flow: Checkout Process


Making for a Delightful User Flow: Checkout Process

There is a lot of talk out there on the interwebz about great user experience. But what does it all mean? What makes an experience great? In the recent, the new buzzword is actually ‘delightful’ and that is the type …

Great Typography in Mobile Apps – 8 Best Examples

Great Typography in Mobile Apps - 8 Best Examples

Here is a good quote: Following article is a chapter of a free ebook by UXPin – The UX Design Platform and Movade (media partner – Designmodo) – Mobile Design Trends 2014. And another good quote from my friend: I have …

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