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  • πŸŽ‰ Version 6 September 10, 2022 β€” Backup is strongly recommended!

    • Brand new look and feel Editor, aimed at the convenience and speed of development. More changes to come.
    • Set your colors in the new Colors C tab, which allows you to add more color classes.
    • Seamlessly Integrate useful services in Integration I tab to all your pages.
    • There is now an option to directly add Examples to your Page Template T.
    • 75 new Slides have been added. More to come!
    • 5 new templates have been added with ability to add Slides and Examples to Templates. More to come!
    • Addition of a new Scroll Magnetic to the list of Effects E, where slides stick to the top of the screen.
    • Your projects can be seamlessly exported to now.
    • Projects P and Pages views are eliminated and integrated into the Editor for quick access.
    • Our Manual now has a new look. Thanks to GitBook it's easy to maintain now.
    • Added ability to change the names of your slides in the Editor for Tooltips and Hash Links.
    • The new Code Editor enables full-screen viewing and quick switching between all of your slides and panels.
    • Custom Fonts F styles are now synced through all your projects.
    • Device Preview D mode was added to help you quickly adapt your page to various screens.
    • Quickly switch from full height to auto height and back on selected Slide for Scroll Effect.
    • Our new font size classes give you more control over your fonts.
    • SVG connects as a separate file, improving the look and loading time of the source code.
    • JS events for slides and components have been added to the Manual.
    • Slide #96 was updated, due to the closure of the Soundcloud API.
    • Several JS plugins were updated.
    • Fixes for the new iOS's scrolling problems.
    • Fixed small bugs and added speed improvements.
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